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Projects 2022 & 2023


HONICUS Liqueur - Signature Drinks / Content Shooting

MARBLELUTION - Content Production “On Tour with Alex” YouTube & Instagram, Austria & Germany Tour / Ambassador

MAIERHOF FREIBURG - Ranch Wedding & Ranch Fair Planning & Production / Partnership Licor 43

ORGANICS by RED BULL - Hosting Organics Bar at Vienna Coffee Festival, GUEST Messe & Christmas World Cup Dinner

BAR PANI - Consulting / Hands-On Support & Preps for Bar Opening / Menu Design / Website & Socials

COCA-COLA HBC - Staff Training Sales Team Austria

ROYAL ENFIELD EUROPE - Press Collab / Trade Advocacy

BOLD MINDS Collabs: Masters of Dirt, Duftstars Gala, Gin Festival - Event Marketing Key Account


BAR PANI - On-Site Support during first months after Bar Opening / Marketing & Partner Communications / Social Media

MARBLELUTION - Content Production “On Tour with Alex” YouTube & Instagram, South Tyrol Tour / Ambassador

DICTADOR RUM - Market Consulting / Contacts Wholesale

BARTENDER´S BALL AUSTRIA - Catering Supervisor / Bar Manager

HAMMOND LAB - Social Media Consulting Sessions

STEINHORN GIN - Summer Festival Signature Drinks / Bar Manager

LIQUID MARKET - Stage Program Kesselhaus Organization & Execution Masterclasses & Competitions

VIENNA WHISKEY CONVENTION - Diageo Exhibition Stand Support

ORGANICS by RED BULL - Hosting Organics VW Bulli Bar at GAST Messe

BOLD MINDS Collabs: Masters of Dirt 2023 Austria Tour & Tour Partner Planning 2024, ROKU Summer Garden at SO/Vienna, Beach Volleyball EM, BSH Advisors Anniversary Event at Palais Herberstein

- Event Marketing Key Account, Event Planning & Production

Bar Pani Cocktail Bar in Vienna

Marketing & Consulting for Cocktail Bars
Bar Pani

Marketing communication & media management, as well as design of appealing cocktail menues are the jobs done for Bar Pani.

Also the coordination of events, masterclasses & tastings. 

Hands-on consulting to optimize processes in the beginning months.

Website design and management of the Instagram account are in keeping with the bar`s character. Real Cocktails. No Bullsh*t.

In October 2023, Bar Pani received the award for new opening of the year in Austria from Falstaff.

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Social Media Video Shoot

Signature Drinks Recipes & Image video
Honicus liqueur 

Signature Drinks Recipes & Image video

Design of three unique cocktails, perfectly matched to the characteristic Honicus liqueur. Expertise is reflected not only in taste, but also in visual enjoyment. Executing the creation of these masterpieces in a meaningful image video, tailor-made for social media. Taste and aesthetics combined – discover the world of Honicus.

Content Production & Trade Advocacy

Marblelution - On tour with Alex  

Join me on my travels to Marblelution's breeding partners, where I have inspiring on-camera conversations with farmers who share their unique experiences with the Marblelution partner program.

You can find the videos on Instagram, YouTube and in the blog on their website.

Be inspired by the stories of our partners and discover the diversity of Marblelution!

  • Youtube

Unusual Wedding Planning & Production
Maierhof Freiburg

Ranch Wedding & Ranch Fair
Planning, coordination and implementation.

From the partnership agreement with Licor 43 to the selection of bands and artists to the integration of the farm animals at the actual wedding ceremony - every aspect of Julie & Sven´s big day was designed with passion for the details. Huge efforts went into decorating the barn and the farm grounds to make this ranch wedding an unforgettable experience for the lovebirds.

The day after the wedding, we transformed the farm grounds into a lively festival with live music, electric bull riding and other attractions.

The Maierhof Freiburg catered for over 500 visitors with grilled meat and refreshing drinks, leaving everyone in the area with happy memories of one glorious weekend.

Ranch Wedding Wedding Event Maierhof Freiburg

© Philipp Lipiarski

Bartender Cocktails Coffee Festival Red Bull Organics

Event Cocktail Bars & Bartending Staff
Organics by Red Bull

Hosting of Organics by Red Bull Cocktail Bars at events such as

the Vienna Coffee Festival 2022,

the GAST Messe Salzburg 2022 & 2023 and the

World Cup Dinner in Vienna in 2022. From planning to implementation, we stage the bars with a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails in the spirit of Organics. 

© Timna Rosenthaler

Experiential Brand & Event Marketing
Bold Minds

H&H Freelance:

Key Account | F & B Marketing | Event production

Bold Minds are matchmakers. We provide comprehensive support for brands at events such as the Gin Festival, Lighthouse Festival, Masters of Dirt, Beach Volleyball European Championships, Roku Summer Garden, Spark Art Fair, Duftstars Gala, Vienna Hip Hop Ball and much more. We match brands & events and ensure that everything goes exactly as agreed.

Rest assured that your event is in experienced hands – for flawless and successful collaborations.

Roku Summer Garden Business Women Vienna
champagne fbarbier bouteille

Brand Building & Sales
Champagne F. Barbier

Sales and marketing are currently being set up in Austria.

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